Sunday, August 8, 2010

I am a Hypocrite

Dear Facebook:

I hate that you go out and party till your sick. I hate that you feel like this brief escape will numb the loneliness and hole inside you that only Christ can fill. I hate that you are telling yourself right now that your just having fun and at the end of the day... its just a lie you believe to be true.
 - I am a hypocrite because I am lonely sometimes and escape too.

I hate that your not together anymore. That you two couldn't see that your just two broken people needing and expecting something from the other to complete yourself. You made him your God and expected him to fill your voids, You made her your God and expected her to fill your voids. That's to much weight for anyone to bear, never meant to be your weight to carry, and only God can fill that void. Why didn't you see that....You should be together and its wrong that your apart.
 - I am a hypocrite because I have expectations of my family, of my husband, that they were never meant to fill. God was meant to fix my broken world and heart, not them. 

I hate that you are so judgemental of others. I wish that you would see that they are just as broken, lost and hurting as you are.  Have you been so hurt that all your compassion is gone? Judging them in the end is just a way for you to make yourself feel better about yourself. They are people and have a SOUL.
 - I am a hypocrite because even though I have compassion for you and hate that someone hurt you enough to make you feel like you have to do this..........I still judge you (wrongly).

I hate that I know more about the appearance of your life from Facebook posts than really knowing your life by talking to you.
 - I am a hypocrite because I keep it all in, you only see what I want you to see. I long to be known and to you know you.

I hate that you have 3,000 friends and wont even see this post.
 - I am just jealous that I don't know 3000 people.

I hate that I don't want to post this because I am afraid of what you will think of me. Even though most of you hate what I hate and in one way or another a hypocrite too.

I hate that I am a hypocrite.

God thank you that you send your son to die for me anyways.  

This is my Jerry Maguire memo moment

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Mihaela Ciobanu-Osborne said...

Wow....I am so moved by how real this message is....thank you!