Saturday, June 26, 2010


God gives us moments. Its amazing sometimes something so quick as a moment can mean everything. A first breath of your child, a first smile, a first step, and the moments you get when you realize life is happening. In your chaotic little world full of noise and busyness, life happens in little moments. Today I heard the laughter of both of my sons and if I knew what angels sounded like singing I might say this was better. Yesterday a piece of glass cut my finger and I remembered just for a moment that feel pain that isn't connected to my feelings.

I love moments with my husband that is just between us. When one of our children amaze us with the simple we look at each other as to say. "Did you see that? Amazing." Or the days when life is hard and feels like tomorrow will never come, we can just be quiet and be....... together.

I love the moments when I can feel how big God is. Standing on a mountain top, or on the coast with water as far as I can see. When a heavy storm rolls in, standing on the porch just before feeling the cold air and listening to it coming.

God is so good. He lets us enjoy, feel..............want these moments. I can just see his face, smiling as I smile. Hurting as I hurt. Just as I do when my child experiences life.

Why o why then do we not take in more of these. Tomorrow is not promised. Death will come one day and sooner than we think.